Creative Writing in English

Would you like to start writing fiction in English? This writing course aims to trigger your creativity and propel your writing skills by combining all kinds of writing prompts during class with practical advice on writing.

While jumpstarting your imagination, we will dive into four important building blocks of writing fiction. These building blocks form the backbone of this course and consist of 1. setting 2. character development 3. dialogue and 4. plot. In so doing, this gives a framework for discussion, feedback and practical tips. Perhaps you already have some writing tucked up your sleeve or an idea you would like to work on? Or maybe you’re in a rut when it comes to your report for work or that long awaited thesis. No worries!

By taking part in this course, you get the opportunity to talk about your writing in a safe environment, cook up some (out of the box) ideas and get some inspiration. Come join us, talk and write a story!

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Nadia Palliser

The first building block of fiction – setting is all about turning on your senses: so you can really absorb your surroundings and begin to describe it. The location and time of your story needs facts and detail to make it real. Secondly, character development which is essential to fiction, gives you the opportunity to do a bit of soul searching: what happens when you start writing about ‘the life you are nearly living’, as Grace Paley put it?’ Thirdly, dialogue: an interesting component of showing your character’s personality but not always easy! Eavesdropping, listening to how people talk and keeping to a couple of rules of play, makes your dialogue more natural. And last but not least – plot which is about the big picture: the series of events that illustrate the story’s conflict. This may evolve as you go along, this might be clear from the start but as a tool in writing, it gives you the opportunity to look more long-term at your story, giving you a bit of a framework to support what you really want to say. 

So, if you have always wanted to develop your writing skills but never quite found the time or right moment to do so, then this just might be your chance! Come join us, meet new people and write a story or two. Non-native English speakers and Dutch applicants are also very welcome, although a solid base in the English language is required for your own beneficial participation in the course.

If you don’t speak Dutch and want to apply it is recommended you give us a call. Our employees at customer service speak English and will guide you through the application process.

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