Pottery classes in English

For non-Dutch speaking people who want to join our classes. During this course you will create handmade functional items from clay. In a few weeks time you will learn the basics of how to throw on a wheel and how to decorate and glaze your items. 

Prijs voor 6 les(sen)

vanaf 21 jaar
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10:00 - 12:30 uur
02-06-23 t/m 07-07-23
Carola Zee

Throwing on the wheel is one of the techniques you can use to create pottery items. After you made your first items on the wheel they have to dry and once dry be fired for the first time. This is called the bisque firing. After this the items can be colored with a glaze. We will explain the glazing process and teach you the techniques to glaze. The glazed items will be fired again but now at a higher tempurature after which they will get their glossy and colored finish. If all goes well you will go home with some nice selfmade pottery items after this 6 week class.